Welcome to my space in the universe.
Keyauna C. Fogle
Digital Content Creator. Media Strategist. Business Consultant.

I’m an entrepreneur who enjoys crafting events, creating digital content and everything media.

I created my blog “The Chatterbox” to be a platform to chat about the topics that matter to me, from current events to entertainment news to products that impact and enhance my daily life and yours. I still blog every now and then when I’m truly inspired or get the urge to share my opinions with the world, but my love for content creation and event curation has taken me in many different directions.

These days I’ve set my sights on helping others follow their dreams and pursue their passions through my consulting firm. Maven Consulting Firm provides services to entrepreneurs and small businesses across the globe. I assist my clients in building their brands, creating their online platforms and expanding their businesses.

I’m always looking to find new ways to combine my passions for self expression, content creation, events, business and media.

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