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Hi, I'm Keyauna

I'm a serial womenpreneur who wears many hats. In the past I attempted to select a favorite or best suited entrepreneurial endeavor, but I've since resigned to doing all of the things I enjoy.

I used to be an entertainment blogger. I just wanted a place to express myself and share my many opinions. It ballooned into this amazing successful thing, but after years of success I felt so conflicted. I no longer want to “run a blog”.

I stopped blogging about other people’s lives and got back to living my own. But my love for content creation remained and the public interest in how I achieved success with my blog peaked. Those two facts have taken my entrepreneurial journey in many different directions.

I still conduct the occasional chatworthy interview, but these days I’ve set my sight on helping others follow their dreams and pursue their passions through my consulting firm. Maven Consulting Firm provides services to entrepreneurs and small businesses across the globe.


I founded Maven Consulting Firm with the goal of creating meaningful digital experiences that help entrepreneurs and businesses connect with their audience.


I help entrepreneurs and small business owners who are serious about starting, enhancing or leveling up their business. I'm ready if you are.


Through the use of uniquely curated content, we can work together to craft an identity for your brand that will help you reach your next level. Collaboration is central to what I do and how I help my clients.


There's no better time than the present. Your potential clients are waiting for you!

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