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Yes, I’m a modern day renaissance woman. In the past I attempted to select a favorite or “best suited” entrepreneurial endeavor,  but I’ve since resigned to doing ALL of the things I enjoy. Lucky you! Let’s work together.



I love sharing my thoughts through my own blog, but stepping outside of “The Chatterbox” and penning pieces for magazines and guest writing for my favorite blogs is fun too.

Media & Strategy

I’m not a Publicist nor am I in the Public Relations field, but my background and experience in media has equipped me with the skills to assist in the strategist nuances that comes with the execution of successful media campaigns and events. Launching a new business or preparing for an upcoming event? I’d love to help.

Public Speaking

There is so much power in the pen, but empowerment through public speaking is something that I have developed a passion for; and sharing my personal and entrepreneurial journey is an added bonus.

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