[WEEKEND ROUNDUP] August Alsina Loses His Hat and His Cool & Arsenio Cancelled

august alsina

It looks like August Alsina is continuing to make a name for himself as a bad boy in the entertainment industry with his tantrums. During a recent concert in Arkansas, August moved through the audience on his bodyguard’s shoulders then commenced to “surf” though the crowd. During his interaction with the concert goers his hat either fell off or was removed from his head which left a sour taste in the singer’s mouth that he had no problem sharing with everyone in attendance.

“Any motherf***** in here that just took my motherf*****g hat…Ain’t nobody leaving out this b**ch until I get it back, straight up,” 


After giving just a moment for the crowd to respond, he abruptly ended the show.

“Sorry man, but the motherf*****g show over,” he whimpered. “I love y’all but it ain’t my fault.”

Watch the video below.

The hat is rumored to hold sentimental value which is why August was so upset about losing it. What I don’t understand is why he would wear something that sacred to a concert or while crowd surfing. Things that make you say hmmm…


After almost a year “The Arsenio Hall Show” has been cancelled and folks are not happy. Loyal viewers have expressed their anger with CBS, saying that with all of the garbage on the tube, The Arsenio Hall Show was a positive bright spot and should not have been cancelled. Arsenio Hall took to Instagram to express his disappointment.

Unfortunately, I eat when I’m, sad! Next time you see me on the tube, I’ll be Rob Ford. Minus the pipe!

The show was good for African-American’s and not so huge stars who may not have made it on other talk shows. I hope it gets picked up by another network. Keep your head up Arsenio!