[VIDEO] A&E Docuseries “Undercover High” Sheds Light on the Day-to-Day Lives of American Teens in 2017

Sometimes I feel like I’ve gotten a bit too old to relate to today’s kids. I definitely don’t understand the mindset of most of the teenagers I encounter.  I know I’m not the only one who has looked at a kid with the side eye recently having no clue why they said a certain things or made a particular decision. In just a few years my son will be a teenager and getting a sense of what life is like for our youth is important to me and in making sure they’re developing in a healthy way. A&E is looking to help shed some light on the daily lives of American teens in 2017 with a new docuseries set to premiere next month.

“Undercover High” will follow seven young adults between the age of 21 and 26 for one semester as they embed themselves in Topeka, Kansas high school Highland Park High School. They will pose as typical students doing all the things that typical students do, including attending classes, making friends and participating in school clubs and activities. The intent is to provide an inside look at what it’s like to be a teenager today. Each of the adult participants are driven by their own personal motivations to help enact positive change. From bullying, the obsession with social media, and the struggle to navigate ever-changing social standards, the participants discover the challenges and nuances, both old and new, facing today’s teens.

A special half-hour conversation with the participants and experts will immediately follow the premiere for a deeper delve into the topics raised within the episode. In addition, A&E has pulled together a list of resources to address the pertinent and delicate issues raised in the docuseries. The web-based resource center is available for viewers here.

“Undercover High” premieres October 10 at 10PM ET/PT on A&E. Check out a sneek peak below.