[CHATWORTHY EVENT] Ronnessa Brown Shares Her Journey To Success, High Heels High Goals Hosts “Mind Business & Spirit” Seminar

The first time I heard the name Ronnessa “Ronne” Brown, it was mentioned by a fellow entrepreneur. The person I was talking to referred to her as “go getter”. So I wasn’t surprised to hear that the DC native became a millionaire earner at the top of 2015. I spoke with Ronne about her journey from teen mom to entrepreneur millionaire. Being fired from her job ended up being a blessing in disguise for the business woman.

I was fired from my job in 2008 and I went home trying to figure out how I was gonna feed my kids. I initially got into entrepreneurship when I started my own cosmetics company. I then transitioned into direct sales where I began to learning things, networking and building my brand. I believe that all those things helped me to get where I am in this business. Through direct sales I have really learned so much. How to build businesses from the ground up and just really tapped into hands on entrepreneurship.

As successful as Ronne has become, she still pulls from other people’s success. When asked to name a few women who inspire her, she made note of a few amazing women, and men as well. One of the most important character traits to her is simply being genuine.

I look at a lot of women but I do also look at a lot of men lol. I look at successful people and I look at much more than just financial success. So I look at Oprah, of course that is a woman just really inspires me but I look at a lot of different men as well. You know, I look at Robert Kiyosaki and just people like that because I’ve attended events and I watch people. I’m attracted to genuineness. I’ve gone to a lot of events and paid thousands of dollars to attends these events and that stuff is great, but I can always tell when I go to an event and a person is real. After attending some of these people’s events…I’ve attended Oprah’s events and Robert’s events, I’ve attended Danny Johnson’s events and watching their interactions with people and watching their faces as they walk away and how personable they are. Those are the things that I really admire.

Back in September she became a millionaire earner in the company and was recognized for that milestone earlier this year.

That was a blessing. I think I was little more excited to be able to show my other business partners and my teammates what they are able to do as well. So it was exciting for me to be able to open that door for other people to show them that they too can achieve those things in their life.

Showing others what they can accomplish and actually helping them get there has become a major part of Ronne’s business. She and three of her friends/business partners formed an an organization geared towards doing just that. High Heels High Goals was founded in 2011.

[High Heels High Goals] was birthed because as a woman I’ve had so many different dreams and aspirations in life myself, and I found that it’s just so hard to find other women who are willing to give you those tools who have actually accomplished the things you want to accomplish and who are actually where you want to go. I just didn’t understand why it was so difficult. And I started to meet a lot of women who felt the same way and they felt as though they couldn’t turn to other women to get business advice or to get the tools they needed to be successful. I personally knew that deep down inside all women are not like that. So I wanted to put together a program to share those secrets, share that advice, share those things women need to become successful in their business.

But Ronne says High Heels High Goals doesn’t stop there.

To take it a step further, I wanted to put  something together that allowed women to also connect on a deeper level which is why we have our girl talks community within High Heels High Goals, why we have spiritual corner and that is spiritual coaching and we do bible study. We do so many different things in addition to our fashion corner where we give women tips…just all the things I believe women experience. We wanted to have something to touch on each thing that I believe is something that we go through as women.

Because being great has less to do with success and more to do with what you’re doing for others.

It’s great if you’re successful but we really want to push women to know that when you become successful it’s great, but when you show other people and you help other people get to where they wanna be and help other people become successful that’s what really matters. That’s when you’re great in my eyes. Yeah you’ve got it but who have you helped?

Having attended one of their events earlier this year, I knew Ronne and her partners were about their business. But after attending their “Mind Business and Spirit” seminar this past weekend, I witnessed first hand just how High Heels High Goals is helping women be just as great as it’s founders. The seminar which the ladies said would be very intimate to set the tone for a transparent and emotional environment definitely lived up to that hype.

Kim Scott kicked off the event touching on the “Mind”. During her presentation on perseverance, she spoke about patience and staying the course when facing adversity. Kim says that there are four key components to persevering, the desire, the decision, willpower and separating in order to elevate. Kim even shared how she recently persevered through a very difficult situation of her own. Her transparency was embraced by all the attendees who were moved to tears.

Next Ronne shared business tips for building and maintaining your customer base like list building, newsletters and emails and customer appreciation events. She also touch on surrounding yourself with like minded people and the importance of being a businesswoman of integrity.

Jennifer Tyler closed out the event with a presentation on the spirit of a leader. Jennifer stressed the traits of a committed leader, making sure your priorities line up with your purpose and being the ultimate servant. She even took the opportunity to demonstrate being a servant by washing the feet of a colleague who remained a leader through a tough period in her own life.


The event ended with the attendees forming a circle for prayer then shouting out the things they want to get rid of and the things they want to gain in life. The purpose was to everyone to leave with a sense of freedom.

As amazing as it is to be apart of such an empowering organization and life changing event, Ronne admits that juggling it all isn’t always easy. She attributes part of her success to having an amazing support system.

I am blessed to have my husband because he helps me so much. We know where our strengths and weaknesses are as individuals are and we pick each other up in those areas that we fall short. So we really work together because we are a team. That’s how we manage to do it all. My daughter is with me at my events because I want her to see my life. It’s about women. I want to show her that women don’t have to be that way. So she enjoys the events. My husband and I do date night every single Friday because we have to that time when we turn it off and spend time with one another. You have to prioritize. You have to know what’s important for you and you have to handle things accordingly.

To learn more about Ronne and High Heels High Goals go to http://www.highheelshighgoals.com/.