Tyra Banks Becomes A Mom After Struggling with Fertility Issues

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Supermodel, mogul and flat out fierce are titles that a lot of women would like to boast. Tyra Banks has been blessed enough to carry each one, but the title she has looked forward to being called for years is mommy. During an episode of her show FabLife, Ty-Ty shared her frustration with conceiving children and her journey to motherhood.

J. Cole Proves Celebs Can Have Privacy, Gets Married on the Low

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J. Cole Married

So when celebs act like they can’t make a move outside of the public eye are they exaggerating? Because J. Cole managed to get married without anyone knowing for months. The rapper was outed by director Ryan Coogler at yesterday’s #MLKNOW event in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. During their onstage chat, Coogler asked Cole how married life changed him. Cole, shocked, realized that the cat was indeed out of the bag. Watch their exchange below.

Brandy and Countess Vaughn Kiss & Make Up

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It’s never too late to grow and make positive changes. Actress/reality star Countess Vaughn has decided that freeing herself and burying the hatchet on old beef with her former Moesha co-star, singer Brandy, is a step towards the personal progress she wants to make in her life. Today she posted an emotional apology to Brandy via her Instagram page.

[WEEKEND ROUNDUP] Celebs Hit Up Janet’s “Unbreakable Tour” and Lamar Odom’s Condition Improves

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She’s your faves fave…

In case you questioned the impact of Janet Jackson in 2015, her legendary status spoke volumes when the today’s hottest celebs hit up her first tour in four years. Damita Jo’s Unbreakable Tour brought out some major starpower when it made a few stops in California over the weekend. Zendaya, Channing Tatum, Queen Latifah and Beyonce & Blue Ivy. Janet’s sister LaToya and parents, Joe and Katherine Jackson were in attendance as well. Check out a few flicks and a clip from the concert below.

Would You Have Your Tubes Tied For the Sake of a Relationship?

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Singer/Songwriter Ne-Yo and his rumored fiancee, Crystal Renay, have announced that they are expecting their first child together. Under normal circumstances congrats would be in order, but Ne-Yo and Crystal have been met with nasty comments instead of good wishes. The negative opinions stem from Ne-Yo’s ex-fiancee, Monyetta Shaw, spilling the beans on the VH1 reality show, Atlanta Exes, that after being engaged and having two children with Ne-Yo, he requested that she have her tubes tied because he didn’t want anymore children. Some time after Monyetta underwent the procedure, Ne-Yo broke up with her leaving her with the inability to birth more children while still having the right to procreate himself. That’s dirty if true right? Well Ne-Yo says it isn’t and took to social media to “clear the air”.

Evelyn Lozada Talks About Finding TRUE Happiness with Kontrol Magazine

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Way too often people mistake the acquisition of materials things and status for happiness. Some of the folks who appear to have it all are the most unhappy people you’ll ever meet. Sometimes it takes personal war wounds, learning from experience and simply being sick and tired of being sick and tired to focus on what’s important and find TRUE happiness. In her recent interview with Kontrol Magazine, reality TV star Evelyn Lozada dished on finally learning the difference and finding happiness in things that money can’t buy. Check out a few chatworthy excerpts below.


How Long Is Long Enough to Wait to Introduce A New Mate to Your Kids?

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And here’s the photo that sparked all the controversy…this photo of singer Ciara and her son, not only supporting her new beau, NFL star Russell Wilson, at training camp but baby Future rocking a replica of Wilson’s jersey and seeming pretty close to the quarterback. According to the “media” timeline, Ciara and Russell got together about six months ago after bad breakups. The question is whether or not it’s too soon for Ciara to have introduced her son to Russell and allowing what seems to be a close relationship between the two to form. Add in the opinion of her son’s father, rapper Future, that it’s too soon and you have an all out public debate.