PSA…Mental Illness is an ILLNESS

Depressed Person

Yes I know, I’ve been quiet lately. Our last post was one week ago today. Tragedy struck my family in the worse way and I had to take a minute to deal. A family member attempted and succeeded at committing suicide. I won’t go into detail on the specifics of the situation except to say that the family member was very young and no one saw it coming. As heartbreaking as this has been and although we are all still grieving and trying to heal I feel it necessary and even more so my duty to share what I’ve learned in this situation and previous situations relating to mental illness.

Mental illness is just that…an illness, and just like any other illness it must be treated. I don’t think people REALLY get that. Mental illness is a medical condition often resulting in a diminished capacity for coping with the ordinary demands of life and without treatment the results can be tragic. In our community, it is often seen as simply weakness and therapy and other forms of treatment are frowned upon. People suffer everyday in silence because they don’t think anyone understands. I am not a doctor or expert but I have love ones who deal with mental illness and I see and feel the effects of it daily. I have also seen what the right treatment and environment can do. I say all of this to say…let’s challenge ourselves to be more compassionate, caring and supportive of those who are in pain, even if we don’t understand it. If a person is reaching out for help don’t judge them, assist them in seeking it and support. What you do or don’t do may save a life.