Preschool TV Network “SPROUT” Celebrates Black History Month with Inspirational Content


As the mother of a young child, I am always worrying about what he’s exposed to and how he sees himself. The television programming that we allow him to watch (other than the occasional episode of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lol) is always educational. If at all possible, we prefer the images he sees to be relatable to him in some way. In that regard, Sprout is already one of our favorite networks for him to watch, but learning that the 24-hour preschool TV network teamed up with NBC News’ Peacock Productions to produce a series of vignettes that celebrate Black History Month made me love it even more.

Beginning today, Weekend TODAY news anchor, Sheinelle Jones, will narrate each vignette segment celebrating an African American from recent history along with a young person making an impact on today’s society. The segment which will encourage a two-way dialogue with parents and preschoolers as they celebrate both Black History Month overall as well as extraordinary individuals within the black community, will air every Monday on the Sunny Side Up show. Sheinelle shared her excitement about the partnership geared towards cultural education and young children.

“As a mother of three, I know it is tremendously important to educate children about history at a critical age when they are developing and learning new things,” said Jones. “I’m excited to work with Sprout for Black History Month and encourage viewers to pursue their passions and become wonderful role models in their communities. By using real life stories and relatable figures in history, we collectively hope to cultivate curiosity with content that is engaging, fresh and simple.”

Sprout outranks Disney, Nickelodeon and all the preschool networks in audience composition for Black audiences.

Viewers are also invited to celebrate Black History Month on and share what inspires them all month long.