Pelvic Exams Photos Cost John Hopkins $190 Million


So you go to your gynecologist for a pelvic exam and you are touched inappropriately by your doctor.  Creeped out huh? What if you later found out that he also took photos and videos of your pelvic area during your visits? This is exactly what 8,500 women are saying they experienced when being seen by Dr. Nikita Levy at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dr. Levy is accused of using a tiny camera to photograph and video thousands of patients during his employment at John Hopkins and now the medical institution is forking up $190 million to settle the claims of those patients. The settlement, which has been preliminarily approved by a judge, is one of the largest on record in the U.S. involving sexual misconduct by a doctor.

About 8,500 women have signed on to be included in the class-action lawsuit. On September 19th each woman will have the chance to testify before the judge. If and when the judge make the final decision to approve the settlement, each woman will then be interviewed by a forensic psychologist to determine compensation. Although their faces were not visible in the images and investigators were not able to positively establish which patients were recorded, or how many, any woman who was examined privately by Levy is eligible to enroll in the class action. No other evidence is necessary. The fact that some of the patients who experienced Dr. Levy’s misconduct are still minors is even more disgusting.

Dr. Levy committed suicide 10 days after he was fired in early 2013 as a result of the allegations.

via USA Today