OWN’s “Love In The City” Getting the Axe?

If you’ve been waiting for the second season of OWN’s show “Love in the City” that features Kiyah Wright, Bershan Shaw, Chenoa Maxwell and Tiffany Jones, you may be waiting indefinitely. The reality show that focuses on women working together while balancing love and career instead of ratchedness might be getting the axe. Surprised? I’m not. These days there seems to be a quota for a least 3 fights, 2 breakups and a few back stabbings per season to stay on

the tube. But the ladies of “Love in The City” aren’t going out without a fight. They have launched a campaign to save the show, starting a Facebook page titled “Save Love In The City” and posting Instagram messages asking fans of the show to write Oprah to convince her to keep them on for another season.

The series re-airs during a 3 day period starting August 10th at 10pm on OWN. So if you’re a fan, watch it again and encourage others to do the same. Maybe some high rating with have the execs at OWN thinking twice. Will you be writing Oprah to save “Love In The City”?