Why ‘Lil Kim’s Transformation is Even Sadder Than You Think

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Lil Kim Then and Now

Over the weekend ‘Lil Kim released a series of selfies on Instagram showing off her new look.  In only a matter of hours, almost everyone on social media was sharing their opinion about the rapper’s drastic “makeover”.  It appears that she has went under the knife again and resembles someone of European decent.

J. Cole Proves Celebs Can Have Privacy, Gets Married on the Low

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J. Cole Married

So when celebs act like they can’t make a move outside of the public eye are they exaggerating? Because J. Cole managed to get married without anyone knowing for months. The rapper was outed by director Ryan Coogler at yesterday’s #MLKNOW event in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. During their onstage chat, Coogler asked Cole how married life changed him. Cole, shocked, realized that the cat was indeed out of the bag. Watch their exchange below.

K. Michelle & Erica Mena Remove Surgical Enhancements

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K. Michelle - Erica Mena Surgery

Either the “big booty, big boobies, big everything” trend is ending or confidence is rising. I hope it’s the latter. Reality stars K. Michelle and Erica Mena are just a few of the women who previously admitted to cosmetic surgery but are now downgrading or removing their enhancements all together. Both ladies are venturing out beyond reality TV and building their brands in their respective areas of interest. Apparently, their enhancements have been more of a distraction than asset recently.

Brandy and Countess Vaughn Kiss & Make Up

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It’s never too late to grow and make positive changes. Actress/reality star Countess Vaughn has decided that freeing herself and burying the hatchet on old beef with her former Moesha co-star, singer Brandy, is a step towards the personal progress she wants to make in her life. Today she posted an emotional apology to Brandy via her Instagram page.

Do the Paparazzi Go to Far When Its Comes to Celeb Kids?

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I love a kid with spunk and personality, and North West seems to have lots of both. It looks like those traits come in handy when you’re the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Yesterday footage of Nori and her nanny being swarmed by paparazzi on their way to ballet went viral. The toddler was clearly not here for the paps or their cameras. She could be heard saying “I said no pictures!” while being pulled along by the nanny. How cute…and sad. Sad that adults find nothing wrong with swarming a 2-year old on the street trying to get pic and sad that the little girl’s wishes were disregarded.

Bill Cosby’s Image Is Shattered but the Impact of “The Cosby Show” is Etched in the Lives of Millions

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Ebony magazine released the cover of their November 2015 issue amid both praise and criticism. The controversial cover and accompanying cover story compares the fictional and lovable husband and father,”Heathcliff Huxtable” of The Cosby Show to Bill Cosby, the comedian accused of drugging and raping more than 40 women over a span of four decades. It took me some time to sort through how I felt about the strong cover story and even had a few debates on the subject. I have now decided that I abhor the concept and am disappointed in the historical magazine for addressing this issue in this way.

[CHATTERBOX SPECIAL EDITION] Wendy Williams Has A Message for the Chattertainment Readers, Chime In On One of Today’s “Hot Topics”

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Whether you’re a fan of media personality and daytime talk show host Wendy Williams or not, you’ve probably still heard of one of the most popular segments of “The Wendy Williams Show”, the famous weekly “Hot Topics”. Wendy wants you to join the chatter and give your opinion on one of the Hot Topics from today’s episode. Watch Wendy’s special message to the Chattertainment readers, get the scoop on Miranda Lambert and her rumored pre-divorce country singer beau Sam Hunt, and chime in. How soon is too soon to move on from a failed marriage, especially when you’re still technically married? 

Would You Have Your Tubes Tied For the Sake of a Relationship?

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Singer/Songwriter Ne-Yo and his rumored fiancee, Crystal Renay, have announced that they are expecting their first child together. Under normal circumstances congrats would be in order, but Ne-Yo and Crystal have been met with nasty comments instead of good wishes. The negative opinions stem from Ne-Yo’s ex-fiancee, Monyetta Shaw, spilling the beans on the VH1 reality show, Atlanta Exes, that after being engaged and having two children with Ne-Yo, he requested that she have her tubes tied because he didn’t want anymore children. Some time after Monyetta underwent the procedure, Ne-Yo broke up with her leaving her with the inability to birth more children while still having the right to procreate himself. That’s dirty if true right? Well Ne-Yo says it isn’t and took to social media to “clear the air”.

How Long Is Long Enough to Wait to Introduce A New Mate to Your Kids?

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And here’s the photo that sparked all the controversy…this photo of singer Ciara and her son, not only supporting her new beau, NFL star Russell Wilson, at training camp but baby Future rocking a replica of Wilson’s jersey and seeming pretty close to the quarterback. According to the “media” timeline, Ciara and Russell got together about six months ago after bad breakups. The question is whether or not it’s too soon for Ciara to have introduced her son to Russell and allowing what seems to be a close relationship between the two to form. Add in the opinion of her son’s father, rapper Future, that it’s too soon and you have an all out public debate.