Officer On Leave After Violent Assault At Spring Valley High, Fellow Student Speaks Out

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I was not prepared to see what I saw when I did my usual evening scroll on Twitter last night. I wish my social media romp did not include a clip of an officer flipping, choking and throwing a female high school student across a classroom before arresting her. The officer identified as Ben Fields, ordered 18 year old female student to stand up and leave the room. When she refused, Officer Fields stood over her desk and tells her, “either you’re coming with me or I’ll make you.” Then without hesitation, he grabs her, flips her over, and slams her onto the ground before tossing her across the room in front of a class full of other students and cuffing her.

The incident was caught on cell phone video and had went viral by Monday evening.


Debates about whether or not the force used by the officer, who is a power-lifter in his spare time, against an 18-year old girl was necessary have been had all across the internet and social media ever since. Fellow student at Spring Valley High in Columbia, South Carolina, Niya Kennedy, who was also arrested after taking up for the brutalized student, has spoken out about the ordeal.

“I was crying, screaming and crying like a baby. I was in disbelief.”

“I was crying, screaming and crying like a baby,” says Kenny. “I was in disbelief.” “I know this girl don’t got nobody and I couldn’t believe this was happening,” Kenny explained. “I had never seen nothing like that in my life, a man use that much force on a little girl. A big man, like 300 pounds of full muscle. I was like ‘no way, no way.’ You can’t do nothing like that to a little girl. I’m talking about she’s like 5’6″.”

I’m pretty sure the officer was not in fear for his life or of being injured so the simple answer is no. Students say the officer has had a history of roughing up students. I can not even fathom watching a video of an officer attacking my child this way. According to reports, Officer Field has been placed on administrative leave and the incident is being investigated. My question is what could be learned from an investigation that would make this ok? He should be fired and charged with assault and battery. I wonder if it’s paid leave? (insert sarcasm here).