My Newest Natural Hair Secret Revealed: Cantu Care For Kids Curling Cream

This past week, I was asked three times about what I was doing differently with my wash ‘n go. I would love to say that I purposely tried a new regimen but I didn’t. Here’s the deal. My 6 year old son is rocking this curly semi mo-hawk haircut these days. I occasionally use my personal natural hair products on him but jumped at the opportunity to try the Cantu Kids Care products on his curlsFast forward to the day that I accidentally knocked my own curling cream in the toilet and in a rush decided to use his Cantu Kids Care Curling Cream on my own curls.

It’s been a month since that day and now we share it lol. Let me tell you why I love it for the both of us.

Tames Our Frizz. Like most naturals, I often have the fly away frizz that turns into one big puff after a few hours. I’ve sent my son to school on several occasions with a head full of shiny curls only for him to get home with a dry mini afro. We have the same frizz problem. Finding frizz taming products that also keeps you hair soft isn’t an easy task. Cantu Kids Care Curling Cream gets both jobs done.

No Harsh Chemicals. Because it’s made for kids, the cream is a perfect blend of 100% pure shea butter, coconut oil and honey formulated without harsh ingredients. No mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, silicone, phthalates, gluten, paraffin, propylene, PABA or DEA. I love that for my son, but I like it for myself as well. Just because I’m an adult and I can handle the harsher ingredients better doesn’t mean I want to or should have to.

Smells and Feels Great. Have you ever loved the effect a product had on your hair but hated the texture of it of the way it smelled? I have and it’s so disappointing. I like that Cantu Kids Care Curling Cream smells fresh and sweet but not too sweet for him but still sweet enough for me, if that makes sense lol. And neither one of us wants our hair to look good but feel oily or crunchy.

If you’re looking for light natural hair products for kids (or yourself lol) try out the Cantu Kids Care line. This post is mom and kid approved!

What products do you use on your kids’ hair?