Netflix Cancels “Seven Seconds” Less Than 2 Months After It’s Premiere

(Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix)

So after I just binge watched “Seven Seconds” last month, Netflix announces that they are cancelling the series. Although there will be no season 2, Netflix is still submitting the series for Emmy consideration. So it’s good enough for Emmy consideration but not for another season?

If I sound annoyed, it’s because I am. The series premiered on February 23rd and less than two months later you decide to cancel? There was very little promotion for it, but I STILL learned about the show through word of mouth, which to me is indicative of the buzz created by how good it was on its face. “Seven Seconds” follows the story of a white cop who accidentally hits and critically injures a black teenaged boy resulting in racial tension throughout the town. Regina King stars as the enraged and impassioned mother of the boy who was hit.

The Netflix shelf life is a confusing animal. There are shows that I wonder how and why they still exist, yet this very real and intriguing series is left on the side of the road to die (pun intended) after less than two months. I won’t spoil it for those who have yet to watch but, I don’t think that Netflix’s weird decision making is the only reason why this controversial show was cancelled. In her review of the crime drama for Variety, Maureen Ryan touched on why I think the show was really shelved.

“One of the themes of ‘Seven Seconds’ is that sloppiness and inconsistency can be as likely to lead to disappointing or even tragic outcomes as more malevolent intentions. It’s an important message to send; if only the delivery system for it wasn’t so messy and slow.”

Basically “Seven Seconds” brought to light the reality that crooked cops and police cover-ups all too often result in black tragedy. I guess that reality was just too real for Netflix.

Have you watched “Seven Seconds”? What’s your take on the show and it’s cancellation?