[#MyTaughtYou] 5 Things That Myleik Teele Taught Us

After spending wads of cash on products during her natural hair journey, Myleik Teele stepped out of the box (pun intended lol) to make sure that other women had smoother sexier experiences when styling their natural hair. So she launched curlBOX, a monthly subscription service to provide naturalistas with a new innovative way to explore natural hair products.

Over the holidays, Myleik took to Instagram to reflect on how she used her popular podcast to share about one of the biggest tools for success in almost any industry, networking.

“Five years ago I spent Christmas by myself because I was saving for this new company I would be launching the next month (@curlBOX). As I went through the process I realized SO many people didn’t know SO many things. So I started with how to actually “network.” 100+ episodes and here we are!”

Through the years, Myleik has shared many mantras and practices that she implements to keep her life and energies in order. Check out the top 5 things that #mytaughtus below.

  1. Prioritizing: “I open priority emails first. I don’t open every single email every single day. I’d never get anything done.”
  2. Time Management: “My calls and meetings are scheduled. You can’t just call and get me on the phone or stop by. Keeping my day scheduled allows me to get more done and not get off track, which is SO easy to do.”
  3. Relationships: “I have never expected my friends to support my businesses. The don’t need to show up or buy anything. They just need to be my friend.”
  4. Individuality: “There’s being inspired & then there’s just flat out copy + pasting. Really try to figure out who you are, what you like & the best way to express that. You may stumble around a bit but you’ll eventually hit YOUR stride.
  5. Trusting the Process: I encourage you to give up the shortcut mentality. Success is in the longcut. Everyone who has succeeded took the long way.”

What daily mantras do you practice consistently in order to keep your business and personal life balanced?