Miko Branch Celebrates The Memory of Sister Titi Branch with Book, “MISS JESSIE’S: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch — Naturally”


When the news broke back in December 2014 that co-founder of Miss Jessie’s hair-care company, Titi Branch, passed away of an apparent suicide, members of the natural hair community were left in shock. So was her sister and co-founder of the Brooklyn salon turned multi-million dollar business, Miko Branch. The sisters were in the midst of preparing for the release of a memoir that would provide a genuine look into how the Branch sisters created a company that revolutionized the hair care industry. Miko is determined to move forward with the release of the memoir in celebration of the memory and legacy of her sister. “MISS JESSIE’S: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch — Naturally“, set to be released on April 14, 2015, will be a combination of touching family stories, hair care tips and business advice. The book will also showcase the resiliency, determination, and independence both Miko and Titi had when building their business from the ground up.

After Titi’s death, Miko released the following statement on the Miss Jessie social media pages.

Dearest Friends,

My beloved sister, Titi Cree Branch passed away on December 4, 2014.

A private memorial service in her honor was held on December 14, 2014. Titi is now at peace.

My family and I want to thank you for your love and overwhelming
support, delivered in kind words, warm notes, lovely flowers and, of
course, in heartfelt prayer. We have received them all with gratitude
and appreciation. During this difficult time, please know that your
support provides much ease to our bereavement.

Our family and close friends are actively trying to discover and comprehend the events leading up to Titi’s death but we are hopeful that all things will come to the light.

Your love has given me the strength that I need to continue to move forward in tribute to Titi.

Titi had a special combination of personality traits, such as genuine
kindness, attentiveness, and a willingness to share her love without

I wished she would have stayed longer. Titi has gone home and it gives me comfort to know that she has reunited with our beloved grandmother, Jessie Mae Branch.

My sister touched many lives in a deeply meaningful way, and many of you have generously asked if there are additional ways in which you can be of assistance. It would be of great reassurance to me if you will help me to keep Titi’s name and legacy alive, and to spread the good word about what a great woman she was ~ a wonderful person of invention and innovation.

I’ve found happiness in putting together a short video that features
Titi as the big sister that I will always love and remember. I hope
you enjoy it too.

God Bless.


The Branch and Matsumoto Family
The Miss Jessie’s Family

In 2004, Miko and Titi changed the landscape of natural hair care when they created Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding for their family-owned salon, Curve, in Brooklyn, New York. Due to the success of their first product, the salon was renamed Miss Jessie’s in honor of their grandmother in 2005. The curly haired sisters went on to create an abundance of popular products including Curly Meringue, Curly Buttercreme, and Baby Buttercreme.

If you plan to be in Baltimore, Maryland this weekend, you can learn more about the memoir and all things natural hair during the Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo 2015. Miko Branch will be conducting a Q&A Meet & Greet at the expo on March 22nd from 3pm-5pm. Click here to purchase a ticket to the expo. The book is available for pre-order at Amazon.com.