Michael B. Jordan Hits Jimmy Kimmell’s Couch, Shuts Down Fantastic Four Ethnicity Question

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The recent ethnicity changes to popular film characters continues to cause controversy in Hollywood. The casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch in the next Fantastic Four movie, a character who has previously been white, is one that has ruffled the feathers of comic enthusiasts.  If you saw any of the interviews where Michael B. Jordan discussed the issue after he was casted, it’s pretty clear that it’s not something he wants to focus on. He’d much rather focus on the content of the film and doing his very best to “flame on”. Jimmy Kimmell clearly didn’t get the memo. The Creed actor was on Jimmy’s couch last night and things got a bit awkward when Jimmy pushed about Michael being black and his character’s sister in the film, Sue Storm, being played by a white Kate Mara.

Jimmy Kimmell: Kate Mara, I don’t  know if you noticed, is a white person? (crowd laughs)

Michael B. Jordan: I do know that. I’m sure there’s white people out here with other ethnicities as brothers and sisters. It doesn’t mean biological but, you know. It’s the world that we live in.

Jimmy Kimmell: Is it that you can’t reveal one of the big secrets?

Michael B. Jordan:  Something like that. And it’s kinda self explanatory. That’s one of the things, I don’t like drawing attention to the ignorance sometimes.

Jimmy continued to push the issue saying people were gonna ask the question, but MBJ wasn’t delving anymore into the topic and simply shrugged his shoulders.

In my recent interview with black actress Andrea Lewis, we discussed this very issue. In her opinion the changes bring light to the ever present issue of white privilege.

We’re so accustomed to be on the outside (Blacks) and our positive images not represented that we are able to see a magazine cover with white people and still be able to see an outfit and be like ‘that would probably look good on me’ or ‘I can still look at this magazine and get makeup tips’. White people are so not accustomed to that. That’s where that white privilege comes into play right? They’re kind of unaware of their privilege and I think these ethnicity changes are bringing that to the forefront.


Watch some clips of Michael B. Jordan on Jimmy Kimmell below.