Lloyd & Mike Epps Get Their High School Diplomas

They say it’s never too late to further your education. Singer Lloyd and comedian/actor Mike Epps seem to agree. Although already successful at their respective crafts, both men found it important to finally complete their high school education and walk across the stage diploma in hand.

Lloyd kept his fans abreast of the journey to getting his GED via his Instagram page, making it clear that he wasn’t embarrassed to take a step that he feels will make him a better person and example.

Mike Epps shared his big day on Instagram as well. He dished on how it felt to make his mom’s dream of him getting his diploma come true.

The theme here is that it’s never too late to finish any phase of education and no matter how successful you’ve become you should finish what you started. Being an example to others to never give up is an added bonus. Congratulations fellas!