Dad Uses Social Media to Discipline Daughter

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I would imagine that disciplining children and setting boundaries in a world where they can hop on the internet and social media from anywhere is a difficult feat for parents in 2014. Kevin Jones, father of 10 year old Janiya, learned just how difficult parenting in 2014 can be when he discovered that his daughter was lying about her age and passing herself off as a teenager. Her lies ultimately resulted in her engaging with much older boys on social media. So he used that same platform to discipline her. He took pictures of his daughter looking like the 10 year old she is and posted them on Facebook.

[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] Everyday Mom Takes Charge, Breaks Family Cycle of Unhealthy Living

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If you’re a wife and mother there is probably nothing more important to you than your family…not even yourself. But when health and wellness come into play there’s no one who can spark a change better than the queen of the household. When Kim Scott, wife and mother of six realized that her health and lifestyle choices were not only affecting her health but the health of her family, she knew that it was time for a change and it had to begin with her. It all started when Kim saw this unsightly photo of herself.

PSA…Mental Illness is an ILLNESS

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Depressed Person

Yes I know, I’ve been quiet lately. Our last post was one week ago today. Tragedy struck my family in the worse way and I had to take a minute to deal. A family member attempted and succeeded at committing suicide. I won’t go into detail on the specifics of the situation except to say that the family member was very young and no one saw it coming. As heartbreaking as this has been and although we are all still grieving and trying to heal I feel it necessary and even more so my duty to share what I’ve learned in this situation and previous situations relating to mental illness.

Mental illness is just that…an illness, and just like any other illness it must be treated. I don’t think people

Women, Friendship & Dispelling Stereotypes

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Friends Gathering

When asked whether she has had more male or female friends throughout her life, Gospel Rapper Trina answered males. She’s not alone. Plenty of women have more “big bros” than girlfriends and it’s not by choice. History has shown that women tend to have a hard time having healthy relationships with each other. Jealousy, envy and flat out cattiness will  make anyone run the other way. But some of us have had enough of talking to guys who really can’t relate or having no one to talk to at all. There’s something special about having that girlfriend you can trust with your innermost sacred feelings and thoughts. After the loss of both of her parents in the last year and feeling empty and a bit lonely, Trina decided she wanted to try the girlfriend thing again but not with just any women. She wanted to surround herself with positive, spiritual women with lifestyles that mirrored hers. So she reached out to a group

Respect After 1st Date Sex

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If you ended up a fly on the wall in a men’s locker room you may hear some pretty disrespectful stuff. Well I’m not a fly and I haven’t actually hung out in a men’s locker room but I polled a few guys about whether or not they would respect a woman who they slept with on the 1st date.

90% of the guys I polled said they would not respect a woman who slept with them on the 1st date. The others said that how they felt about the woman afterwards depended upon how he felt about her before.