K. Michelle & Erica Mena Remove Surgical Enhancements

K. Michelle - Erica Mena Surgery

Either the “big booty, big boobies, big everything” trend is ending or confidence is rising. I hope it’s the latter. Reality stars K. Michelle and Erica Mena are just a few of the women who previously admitted to cosmetic surgery but are now downgrading or removing their enhancements all together. Both ladies are venturing out beyond reality TV and building their brands in their respective areas of interest. Apparently, their enhancements have been more of a distraction than asset recently.

K. Michelle during a chat with B. Scott: “I want my normal shape back. For me and and my career right now and doing business, I don’t need to have a man looking down when I’m trying to talk numbers”.

Erica Mena dished on removing her breast implants via Instagram: “I literally got rid of everything that was worthless & old. Ready for MY NEW Life! Ready for My Own Show & Movie role which called for my breast to be all natural.”

Although the ladies are attributing the reevaluation of their enhancements to making business moves, I think it can assumed that the decision can also be attributed to the confidence that comes with success. Realizing that people are interested in who you are, be it your talents, skills, work ethic or simply your aura, gives you the confidence to be even more of the REAL you without the need to mold yourself into anything else. With that confidence also comes the desire to be taken seriously. Kudos to them for not being afraid to go back to their au naturale already beautiful selves.