[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] Ashleigh Demi Talks Broadcast Journalism, Acting, Inspiring Girls & More

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Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what you’re meant to do in life. Some people spend their entire adult life searching for their “purpose”. But some people just know. Media producer/broadcaster/actress/model Ashleigh Demi has always known who she was and what she was meant to do. I recently caught up with the WPGC 95.5 on-air entertainment reporter and media mogul in the making. She shared some important tidbits that all of us girls should add to our arsenal when navigating through the entertainment industry. Check out our interview below.

Chris Brown Talks Jail Stint, Lessons Learned & More on Big Boi’s Neighborhood

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Chris Brown has had his share of downs but now he is only interested in focusing on moving onward and upward. He is on the promo trail for his new album “X”. During his recent interview with Big Boi’s Neighborhood he talked about putting the past behind him, the lessons he learned from his jail stint and he even dished a little on his relationship with Karrueche. Check out a few excerpts below.

[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] Meet Author Turned Publisher April Sheris

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Just because other people don’t see you talent or appeal doesn’t make it any less valuable. Sometimes it means you were meant to take your journey on a road less traveled. Getting someone to publish her first novel was difficult but April Sheris took that as a challenge to start her own publishing company. Since then her entrepreneurial spirit has taken her to even greater heights. I caught up with the author turned publisher and she shared how she jump started her career as an author, how she gives back and a few tidbits on getting your work published. Read more below.

[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] Latoya A. Benson’s Journey to Discovery Sparks New Book, “The New You Revolution”

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In life, sometimes your most painful periods are when you grow the most…from your darkest moments come your brightest hours. Roses grow through concrete and caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies. Author Latoya A. Benson can attest to that. I caught up with the businesswoman turned author and she shared how her personal journey led her to want to inspire others to look within, how she stays motivated and the  most important lesson she learned from her journey. Check out our interview below.

[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] Everyday Mom Takes Charge, Breaks Family Cycle of Unhealthy Living

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If you’re a wife and mother there is probably nothing more important to you than your family…not even yourself. But when health and wellness come into play there’s no one who can spark a change better than the queen of the household. When Kim Scott, wife and mother of six realized that her health and lifestyle choices were not only affecting her health but the health of her family, she knew that it was time for a change and it had to begin with her. It all started when Kim saw this unsightly photo of herself.

[CHATWORTHY EVENTS] Getting Down to the Art of Education with Robert Jackson, Founder of B-Roll Media & Arts

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To support a cause that helps others is gratifying, but imagine how gratifying it must be to get behind a cause that directly affected your life. That’s exactly what Robert Jackson did. The seasoned production veteran combined his decades of experience with his personal challenges and triumphs to create B-Roll Media & Arts, a non-profit organization geared towards addressing the educational deficiencies of children with learning disabilities. Find out why Robert started B-Roll, how his connections are helping him help his students and all about B-Roll’s upcoming media expo.

[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] All About Caring Project, Inc.

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Left to right: Courtney Washington (Fundraiser Director), Ashlea Johnson (Public Relation Rep.) Myesha Stokes (Vice Chair), Chante’ Bender (Founder and Executive Director) Tommesha Scott (Program Director), and Joanne Pelzer (Communication Specialist)

Watching gifted and talented people in your community struggle as a result of lack of assistance opportunity is a hard pill to swallow for anyone with the least bit of compassion. Add that compassion with determination, drive and a strong desire for change and you have a person on a mission. Three years ago that person was Chante Bender. Chante had enough of watching and decided to act, founding a non-profit organization, All About Caring Project, Inc. (AACP), to take action and provide relief for those struggling in her community. I spoke with Chante about the mission of AACP, the community response and how she sees them making an impact worldwide. Check out the interview below.

[CHATWORTHY EVENT] The 2nd Annual SheROCKS Rocked!

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Chattertainment was given the honor of serving as media consultants at SheROCKS 2014 this past weekend. SheROCKS, a celebration of women in the arts, was created by Timea Gaines, CEO of Love Life Media, LLC. After the tremendous success of the first ever SheROCKS in 2013, the community all but begged for Timea to make it an annual event. She answered the call with enormous dedication and creativity, once again bringing together women of all walks to celebrate the arts and each other.

Hosted by comedienne Tea Love, SheROCKS kept us entertained with musical performances including IhsAn Bilal, Ayana Songstress and Doretha Allen, as well as spoken word and poetry from Kezia and Shaina Lynn among others. There was never a dull moment

[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] Timea Gaines, CEO of Love life Media, LLC Hosts 2nd Annual “SheROCKS”

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On the heels of the first annual SheRocks, an event celebrating women in the arts, CEO of Love Life Media, LLC is a very busy woman. Busy handling PR and branding for businesses and brands across the country, and well…preparing for the second annual SheRocks. We caught up with the media maven and chatted about Love Life Media, LLC, what SheRocks means to women and what’s up next for her. Check out the interview below.

[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] Hair Stylist & MakeUp Artist Toni McKnight

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In 2014, it seems like there is more emphasis on the enhancement of physical appearance than ever before. But there are some in the beauty industry more concerned with bringing out the inner beauty that we already possess. Hair stylist and makeup artist Toni McKnight is one of those people. I recently caught up with Toni and chatted about how she got her start and got the scoop on what it’s like to be a hair stylist and makeup artist in the DMV. Check out the interview below.