Ethnicity Changes Causing Controversy in Hollywood

First there was criticism stemming from Michael B. Jordan being cast as Johnny Storm in next years Fantastic Four reboot because he’s black and the character has always been played by a white man. Now Quvenzhane Wallis is catching flack for being cast in the starring role in the remake of Annie scheduled to hit theaters later this year for the same reason. Why is this a topic of discussion in 2014? Listen, I am completely against making changes that compromise the integrity of a character.  However, if the actor has the talent and ability and is best suited for the role, should they be precluded from playing a character simply because the character was a different race in the past? Are we so obsessed with continuity that we can’t champion for the best person for the job regardless of race? And the fact that there have been too many characters to name that were initially represented by people of color but have later been played by a white person just adds insult to injury. In my humble opinion talent and capability should be enough to get you the job regardless of the color of your skin.