[Entrepreneur Life] Introducing…The Gift Geisha

I’d been thinking about re-starting the section of The Chatterbox geared towards to entrepreneur life, but hadn’t yet made the decision final. Then I met Chrya Lewis during SheROCKS 2017 weekend back in March. Chatting with her about her unique small business reinforced just how important the entrepreneur life segment was and why I needed to bring it back. So of course she had to be the first feature…check out my chat with Chryna Lewis, the creator and head chica in charge at The Gift Geisha.

Keyauna Chantel: How did The Gift Geisha come to be?

Chyra Lewis: TheGiftGeisha.com started by curating “Thinking of You” gift assortments to share flirty and fun finds with friends living overseas and just too far away. With more personal sentiments being shared between friends and family, we transformed into a full fledge “Giving” adventure.

KC: What kind of items come in a Gift Geisha Gift Box? Are they standard or can you make your own customized box?

CL:  A Gift Geisha “Pre-curated” or “Design-A-Gift” boxes can include anything from stud earrings to champagne truffle chocolates and a Clementine & Honey candle to a delicious body butter.  For those custom orders we curate anything from Henri Bendel travel goodies to Kate Spade desk accessories.  Heck, we even include wine and dry floral bouquets with our Custom Local Pick-Up orders.

Chyra Lewis

KC: Why do you think people choose to use a gifting service in lieu of personalized shopping?

CL: People have chosen TheGiftGeisha.com because it is “personalized” shopping but at their fingertips.  Our customers typically lead busy and hectic lives, with no time to stop in the store, order from multiple places online, to wait for shipping, and then head to the post office themselves.  We source our absolute faves just like the department stores, but The Gift Geisha makes it pretty, personal, and priority.

KC: I’m sure you have prepared some pretty interesting gift boxes in the past. What was the craziest item that you put into a gift box by request?

CL:  Yes, it can get a bit ridiculous but that is what WE DO.  To date, the most interesting custom order request was to include Victoria Secret lingerie as a part of his anniversary gift box.  We smiled and could appreciate that the client trusted us with such a “delicate” gift.  In the end, his wife loved it and she actually orders from us to this day.  It was defiantly a win, win.

KC: What do you think sets The Gift Geisha apart from other gifting services?

CL: TheGiftGeisha.com is unique because we say so.  Our creative range with custom orders is endless, it’s pretty much what we built or brand on.  While Design-A-Gift allows customers to be “The Gift Geisha” themselves and freedom to design a box to meet their style, needs, and price point.   What we offer is fresh and unselfish.

KC: As much as I’m sure you enjoy helping others make memorable gifts for their loved ones, how much work do you put in as an entrepreneur/small business to make a quality box for your customers?

CL: As the new gal on the block to entrepreneurship, my efforts are endless.  With a full time job, TheGiftGeisha.com began as a sweet gesture to my close friends and family, with word of mouth it transformed into a hobby, and as we transition every free moment I can steal away goes to thoughts, needs, and responding to all things Gift Geisha.  Believing in the near future entrepreneurship will be full time, a lifetime.

KC: How many orders do you average in a month and how do you and your team manage the orders?

CL: We manage a steady flow of orders per month.  My team is just like me a young woman with creative perspective and energy to match.  They are a modest group, lead by me and my ridiculousness.

KC: What’s one thing you know now that you didn’t know before that you would tell the aspiring entrepreneur looking to get into consumer products/retail?

CL: My advice to another young entrepreneur would be to know that, “Once they have tangible content, they are enough.”  They are enough because they thought of it which means they can achieve it through minimal sleep, multiple emails, relentless confidence, and integrity.

KC: We all go into our line of work to be successful, but a nice bonus is the ability to inspire others. How important is that to you?

CL: Truthfully, I had not considered what I do to be inspiring others.  TheGiftGeisha.com was more so my own outlet to heal from the loss of my Mom by doing something that was value-added in my life.

KC: Name three entrepreneurs or business owners, past or present, that you draw inspiration from?

CL: I draw inspiration from Ayesha Curry for her authentic nature and effortless brand. Kate Spade…their fun and quirky spin on life’s adventures is refreshing and Rachel Roy. Her brand is always on trend while staying true to her personal style.

KC: Tell me something that no one would ever guess about you Chyra, the entrepreneur.

CL: No one would ever guess that Chyra the Entrepreneur is lazy.  I am in the pursuit of Laziness.  LOL

KC: How can people find you and The Gift Geisha on the internet, social media, etc.?

CL: Chyra & The Gift Geisha are synonymous.  It took serious soul searching about putting my face to the brand verses a model or just the boxes.  Then I read, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”  What better way to know why, then to get to know me.  So I invite you to share my personal and business Instagram info.

Personal Instagram: @chy_everything

Business Instagram: @giftgeisha

You can also order via our website www.thegiftgeisha.com. Whichever you choose, Custom Ordering, Pre-curated Themed Gift Collections, or “Design-A-Gift” we promise it will be Ridiculously Good.  Give them the gift them never knew they wanted.  SHOP TheGiftGeisha.com for Mother’s Day, Birthday, Baby Showers, or just a Thinking of You moment.  Gifts starting at $20.00.