My “Blogger Break”

So you probably figured out that I took a little “blogger break”. I’ve heard the term “blogger break” throughout the years in the blogger world. After diving knee deep in my blog/brand I decided that bloggers who took breaks were insane lol. Taking a break from any job means you might lose money, but for bloggers, you risk losing so much more. Your can jeopardize your following and lose the loyal readers you worked so hard to gain…and THEN you will lose money. But now, after a year and a half of go, go, go…I definitely understand the need for a “blogger break” and finally took some much needed time off.

After celebrating my birthday on July 11th and reflecting on another year on this planet, I decided that I deserved some unplugged time. As much as I enjoy giving you guys the scoop on entertainment news, currents events and keeping you abreast of all the things you love, I admit that I sometimes get burned out. Not only does being a blogger require constant connectivity to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world, but it also requires that my brain stay working in general. When I’m out and attempting to do personal things unrelated to business I’m STILL always looking around for things that our readers will enjoy. My mind never shuts down and it’s exhausting. So my birthday gift to myself was 5 days off to enjoy the things that matter most to me in my personal life and disconnect from I finally took a “blogger break”.

It was harder than you think to completely disconnect (I did post give-a-way reminders and liked a few posts on Instagram lol) but I learned a lesson that I hope will help me maintain longevity for my brand…it’s okay to take a short break. Your loyal followers and partners won’t just disappear and if you spend your time doing the right things, you will return refreshed which puts you in the best position to give the best of you to your brand. Now I’m back and better than ever!

For all my entrepreneurs and 24/7 business folk, how do you find balance and keep from losing your mind while building your brands?