Bill Cosby Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Rape Accusers

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Bill Cosby hasn’t said much in the press since the slew of rape allegations against him surfaced back to back from over 50 women earlier this year. Now the comedian is firing back through a lawsuit against a few of his accusers saying that they fabricated their stories of sexual assault. In a 89-page court filing obtained by the Daily News, Cosby named seven of his alleged victims as defendants accusing them all of defamation.

Bill Cosby’s Image Is Shattered but the Impact of “The Cosby Show” is Etched in the Lives of Millions

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Ebony magazine released the cover of their November 2015 issue amid both praise and criticism. The controversial cover and accompanying cover story compares the fictional and lovable husband and father,”Heathcliff Huxtable” of The Cosby Show to Bill Cosby, the comedian accused of drugging and raping more than 40 women over a span of four decades. It took me some time to sort through how I felt about the strong cover story and even had a few debates on the subject. I have now decided that I abhor the concept and am disappointed in the historical magazine for addressing this issue in this way.

The Whitney (and Bobby) Biopic

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We knew that the Whitney biopic that was directed by Angela Bassett and aired last weekend on LifeTime would be centered around a certain part of Whitney Houston’s life and more specifically, her relationship with Bobby Brown, but sheesh. The film followed the lives of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown EQUALLY and probably should have been titled “Whitney and Bobby” instead.

Remembering DC’s “Mayor For Life”, Marion Barry Jr.

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Marion Barry

“We are not the sum of our worst moment” — Katy Parson

In the wee hours of the morning yesterday, the world lost one of its many heroes, Marion Barry, Jr. Barry came to national prominence as mayor of the nation’s capital. The first prominent civil rights activist to become chief executive of a major American city, Barry was a savvy politician. After moving from Mississippi to Washington, DC in 1965 to manage it’s local Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee office, he became heavily involved in coordinating peaceful street demonstrations as well as a boycott to protest bus fare increases. At the time, over half of the population of Washington D.C. was black, and they had no political representation. Barry wanted to change that. He made an immediate impact in the community organizing a “mancott” of the bus system when the owner decided to raise prices from 20 to 25 cents and serving as the leader of the Free D.C. Movement.

Is Bill Cosby’s Refusal to Address Rape Allegations A Tell Tale Sign of Guilt?

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"Fat Albert" Philadelphia Premiere - Arrivals

I don’t know that Bill Cosby should be doing extensive interviews right now, but if I were accused of drugging and raping women my response would not be a simple “no comment”. That’s exactly how the former TV dad has responded to allegations of doing just that to over a dozen women throughout his more than 50 year career.

[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] Duane Myko Is A One Man Show in “Should Could Dream”

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IMG_8429 (1)

Most people spend their lives trying to achieve stability. Going to college to get a degree that will lead to that all too important 9-5 job that will give you the security to start and support your family one day. Duane Myko had done just that. He had played by the rules until one day he decided to change them altogether. What sparked that change? His desire to positively affect a generation that no one seemed to understand.

Rape Victim Speaks Out, Starts #IAMJADA Movement

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It looks like more and more people who are victimized through social media are using the very same platform to start campaigns and spark change. Last month Deb Antney’s #NORIP campaign gained traction on social media. What started the campaign? The suicide of her son which was the result of a few issues including his negative interactions on social media. Now Texas native, Jada, is doing the same. The teenage girl who was drugged at a party, rapped and then exploited online is using the same method to fight back. Jada and her family  have started the #IAmJada movement to speak out against

[WEEKEND ROUNDUP] The United Colors of Lupita, Independent Spirit Awards 2014 & Chris Brown Diagnosis

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United Colors of Lupita

If you’ve been under a rock and have not bore witness to actress Lupita Nyong’o slaying red carpets in every color imaginable this award season, here is your chance. Someone pulled a bunch of her recent looks into this gorgeous photo tagged “United Colors of Lupita”.

Speaking of Lupita, she won Best Supporting Female for 12 Years A Slave at the Independent Spirit Awards 2014 on Saturday. 12 Years A Slave also won Best Film. My fave film of 2013, Fruitvale Station starring Michael B. Jordan, won Best First Feature.

Former NFL Star Darren Sharper Arrested in California

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Darren Sharper

Reuter reports that former NFL star Darren Sharper was arrested yesterday following pleading not-guilty to charges of drugging four women and raping two.  He is being accused of drugging two women with spiked drinks and raping one of them in a hotel room in October, then drugging two more women and raping one of them at the same hotel in January. Although he was released on $1 Million bail,