Respect After 1st Date Sex

If you ended up a fly on the wall in a men’s locker room you may hear some pretty disrespectful stuff. Well I’m not a fly and I haven’t actually hung out in a men’s locker room but I polled a few guys about whether or not they would respect a woman who they slept with on the 1st date.

90% of the guys I polled said they would not respect a woman who slept with them on the 1st date. The others said that how they felt about the woman afterwards depended upon how he felt about her before. If she was potential wife material in his mind then all respect would lost after sex on the 1st date. If that wasn’t the case then maybe it didn’t matter as much.

Of course I couldn’t drop the topic without speaking with a few women about what I learned. To say the ladies were offended would be an understatement. Not because of the guys’ opinions about respect but because the guys failed to realize that most times the woman doesn’t respect a guy she sleeps with on the 1st date either.

The biggest thing I learned from this little project was that women are sick and tired of men dictating what is acceptable in the world of sex.

Food for thought guys — most times the woman who sleeps with you on the 1st date wanted the same thing you wanted…to have some fun. You may not respect her after but she doesn’t expect you to, because she doesn’t respect you either.

(Sidenote: I do not think people should be going around having sex on the 1st date. Not because of the respect issue, but because it’s just not safe. Be smart and protect yourselves.)