[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] Meet SheROCKS 2015 Performer Queenlin

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The third installment of SheROCKS, the celebration of women in the arts, is taking place this Saturday and this year’s program is better than ever with new vendors, new sponsors and most importantly, new talent. Dancer/choreographer Queenlin will be performing for the first time at SheROCKS, but she is not new to expressing herself through movement. I caught up with the seasoned dancer to discuss how it feels to be apart of the SheROCKS 2015 and more. Check out the interview below.

[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] Meet the DMV’s Top 30 Under 30

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Last month the DMV Network announced its top 30 Under 30 of the DMV’s best and brightest professionals. If you’re a mover and shaker in the Washington DC metro area,  you’ve probably worked with, encountered or at least heard of a few of these phenomenal millennials. The list includes artists, musicians, media personalities, entrepreneurs and more. If you’re out of the loop, here’s your chance to get in the know. Check out the list of the top 30 under 30 below along with a few tidbits from them about being voted onto the list.

[CHATWORTHY EVENT] High Heels High Goals™ Scores 1st Successful Event of 2015 with “High Heels High Goals™ Takes Nordstrom”

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HHHG Event 1-10-15
(left to right: Marvette Deadwyler, Jennifer “Lucy” Tyler, Kim Scott (High Heel High Goals™ Ambassadors) and Ronnessa Brown, Founder of High Heel High Goals™)

Who says women can’t get along and actually uplift each other? Definitely not the founder and ambassadors of High Heel High Goals™. High Heel High Goals™ was founded by Ronnessa Brown, a Washington, DC entrepreneur and businesswomen who took a dollar and a dream and turned it into a mini enterprise. The mission of High Heel High Goals™ is to empower women just like her to reach their goals and to educate them on various entrepreneurial practices. One of the key elements of the exclusive women’s group is entrepreneurial based events where women can learn important tools and gain knowledge on how to establish and maintain successful businesses. Their first event of the new year, “Success in the City with Nordstrom”, took place last weekend. The ladies of High Heel High Goals™ were gracious enough to let me come through and see what they were all about.

[CHATWORTHY EVENT] 6th Annual Treats and Tea: The Beauty Experience

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To have garnered enough clientele to have a successful business is a major accomplishment, but to be able to give back to the very clients responsible for your success is a blessing. That’s exactly what Kachina Fleet, the owner of C’est Chic Concepts, did at the 6th Annual Treats and Tea: The Beauty Experience. C’est Chic Concepts, a group of hair stylists, make-up artists, event planners and wardrobe consultants, hosted the annual event last weekend at the intimate Indulj Lounge in the U Street corridor of Washington, DC. 

[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] Duane Myko Is A One Man Show in “Should Could Dream”

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IMG_8429 (1)

Most people spend their lives trying to achieve stability. Going to college to get a degree that will lead to that all too important 9-5 job that will give you the security to start and support your family one day. Duane Myko had done just that. He had played by the rules until one day he decided to change them altogether. What sparked that change? His desire to positively affect a generation that no one seemed to understand.

[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] Meet Baltimore Bred Singer/Songwriter Mahogany Fame

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Some people spend most of their lives trying to figure out their purpose and what they were meant to do. Others were born into their craft with a passion that drives them to do one thing and one thing only. There is a freedom that comes with knowing your purpose and singer Mahogany Fame has ALWAYS known what that was. I spoke with the young starlet and we chatted about music being her therapy, her dream collaborations, how she deals with naysayers and more. Check out my interview with her below.

[CHATWORTHY EVENT] The Inaugural Congressional Black Caucus Closing Brunch

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(left to right: Rahesha Harrison and Marcella Ferguson-Gray, Founders of Let’s Do Brunch NYC’ Tiffany Jones, Founder of Digital Divas)

Every year the Congressional Black Caucus takes over DC during the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference. From receptions to social mixers, CBC Week is filled with so many events that it’s hard to choose which ones to attend. This year I kept it a bit low key, popping into a few mixers and networking events. But there was one event that I couldn’t miss. The Inaugural Congressional Black Caucus Closing Brunch presented by Let’s Do Brunch NYC, Digital Divas and DC’s Akil Waite at the ever so chic Barcode Restaurant & bar in downtown DC was a  must-go.

[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] ME Changemakers Adding to the Landscape of Entrepreneurship

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(left to right: Dominique Broadway, Jessica Echols; Founders of ME Changemakers)

Entrepreneurs Dominique Broadway and Jessica Echols remember how much energy it took to start their own businesses from scratch, each doing the footwork by their lonesome. They want to give the next wave of entrepreneurs a head start and they are doing just that with the launch of Millennial Entrepreneurs Changemakers. Jessica, a premier event planner in the Washington DC area and Dominique, an award winning financial manager, have teamed up to breathe fresh air into the networking and entrepreneurial landscape of Washington, DC and beyond.

[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] Danielle Stradford Talks New Lifestyle Brand “Purity W/ Style”

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Danielle Stradford

Being a twenty-something with a bright future can be a blast, but it’s also a time when the decisions you make directly affect your future. Danielle Stradford, the creator of lifestyle brand, Purity W/ Style, decided that being young didn’t mean being irresponsible and that being responsible isn’t always popular.  Danielle shared with me how she made the decision to make purity a part of her lifestyle and how she balances having fun while staying true to herself. Check out my interview with her below.

[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] Latoya A. Benson’s Journey to Discovery Sparks New Book, “The New You Revolution”

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Latoya 030814 100 8x12 crop

In life, sometimes your most painful periods are when you grow the most…from your darkest moments come your brightest hours. Roses grow through concrete and caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies. Author Latoya A. Benson can attest to that. I caught up with the businesswoman turned author and she shared how her personal journey led her to want to inspire others to look within, how she stays motivated and the  most important lesson she learned from her journey. Check out our interview below.

[CHATWORTHY EVENT] The DMV Brand Experience Was An Experience to Remember!

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I was honored when asked by Denise Moss, owner of up and coming brand management company D. Moss Inc., to host the red carpet at the 1st Annual DMV Brand Experience which took place this past Friday, July 11, 2014. This was Denise’s baby and to be a part of new and fresh ideas is something I relish in. But what the event was meant to be or intended to do, I didn’t quite understand yet? What was the “DMV Brand Experience”? When speaking with Denise she described her vision as creating something that we’re missing in the DC area (the DMV), an all inclusive branding event to enjoy and support area

[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] Everyday Mom Takes Charge, Breaks Family Cycle of Unhealthy Living

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If you’re a wife and mother there is probably nothing more important to you than your family…not even yourself. But when health and wellness come into play there’s no one who can spark a change better than the queen of the household. When Kim Scott, wife and mother of six realized that her health and lifestyle choices were not only affecting her health but the health of her family, she knew that it was time for a change and it had to begin with her. It all started when Kim saw this unsightly photo of herself.