Deb Antney Starts NO R.I.P Campaign After Son’s Suicide

If you are a follower of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta you probably watch for sheer entertainment. But last night’s episode gave a bit more than its normal drama. Cast member Debra Antney, CEO of Mizay Entertainment and the mother of rapper Waka Flocka used the platform to shed light on a much more serious issue. Her youngest son, Kay Redd, committed suicide in December 2013 as a result of a few issues, one being stress relating to internet interactions with people who disliked his more famous brother and mother. During the episode Deb shares her pain and recalls her youngest son defending his family on several occasions against people on the internet. She also talked about obtaining his computer after his death and seeing for herselfthe exchanges between him and others on social media.

Deb decided to use her pain and her son’s death to raise awareness with a campaign, NO R.I.P. (No Reckless Internet Posting). The campaign took on new life last night after being mentioned on the episode, creating a major buzz on the internet with people showing their support for the campaign with the hashtag #NORIP.

We have all experienced people saying hurtful, mean spirited things to us or others over the internet and social media; things that they probably wouldn’t say face to face. The Internet has become a breeding ground for bullies, cowards and wanna be gangsters to spew hate that not everyone is strong enough to ignore or handle. To be tormented and disrespected is a hard pill for anyone to swallow and some just can’t take it.

To lose a child in such a way is devastating but the way Deb has turned her tragedy into an opportunity to raise awareness is courageous. Find out more about the #NORIP campaign at

RIP Kayo Redd

Kayo Redd

Watch Deb talking about the campaign below.