Chris Brown Supporters Victim Shame Karrueche Tran on Social Media

Today TMZ released a story about singer Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche filing a restraining order against him earlier this month after catching wind of threats he’s made towards her to other people. According to court docs, Karrueche told the judge in a sworn statement that Chris “told a few people that he was going to kill me.” Karrueche also recalled abuse during their relationship where he “punched me in my stomach twice,” and “pushed me down the stairs.”

Whether the recent threats and past abuse are true or not, the response to the story via social media is gross. I read the comments below the story on the Instagram pages of a few blogs for about 10 whole minutes and I’m disgusted already (it normally takes me a bit longer to reach my highest level of disgust because I’m used to the appalling comments on social media). People are dragging this girl in support of Chris Brown. Being neutral is one thing but calling her a liar and bashing her is just wrong.

“She is just trying to stay in the limelight”

“She wants attention. Sick of her”

“When will CB catch a break. She’s lying”

Victim shaming is wrong on it’s face but let’s put it into context. Did we forget that Chris Brown was found guilty of felony assault against Rihanna and has shown himself to be violent in several other instances? He has also been verbally abusive towards Karrueche on social media for the world to see. So who knows what he might have done behind closed doors. Yes, people can change but Chris hasn’t seemed to make much headway in that department. He just recently posted a video on Instagram about stalking his exes and not allowing them to move on. So why do people think her accusations are so far fetched? Maybe because CB fans care more about his upcoming tour than domestic violence. I’m not just saying that either. A commenter actually did.

“Your life is not worth me missing Chris on tour hoe”

Other commenters blamed Karrueche for her own alleged abuse, questioning why she’s just coming out about it now.

“If this is true she is way too late to be talking about this”

Maybe because she feared what is happening as we speak; being dragged through the mud. But here’s the gag. The judge was convinced enough to grant the order. Chris Brown is not allowed within 100 yards of Karrueche Tran.

It’s difficult for the abused to expose their abuser or remove themselves from a situation that could end bad for them. Some never become strong enough to get out. Even then, the abuse isn’t over when the punches and obscenities stop flying. Most victims suffer way beyond the moment they get out. The bright side of all of this for Karrueche is that she seems to have garnered the strength to take steps to keep herself safe and keep on keeping on. And with the way people are attacking her, she’s going to need it.

PSA: Thousand of victims die every year because they just couldn’t find the strength to get out before it was too late. A big part of that is the fear that no one will believe them if they told. So keep that in mind before we hop on social media and on our judgmental soap boxes. Victim shaming is never okay.