Is It Okay for A Wife to Check a Woman Whose Flirting With Her Husband?

Tia Mowry-Keke Palmer

Earlier this week, the Twittersphere was a buzz after actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict tweeted and deleted the following message from her Twitter account.

“Saying you like married men in interviews [is] not cute…Just saying.”

Although the tweet didn’t mention any names, it was rumored to be aimed at fellow actress Keke Palmer who is currently promoting the film “Brotherly Love” with Tia’s husband, actor Cory Hardrict. After an interview circulated on the net of Keke talking about crushing on her co-star and the two subsequently appearing a little too cozy in pics while on the promo trail for the film, Keke was asked about her relationship with the married man while on the Wendy Williams Show earlier this week.

Cory Hardict-Keke Palmer
(Cory Hardrict and Keke Palmer on the red carpet at the premiere of Brotherly Love)


Palmer refuted the rumors saying the interview was from when she was a mere 10 years old and they’re just friends. All fine and good but here’s my question…even if Keke was doing a bit too much in her interactions with Cory, is it okay for the wife to check the woman?  In talking with a few married friends of mine, I got a different view from both. One said Tia should not have tried to check Keke, but should have checked her husband for allowing Keke to get too cozy with him. She said that shading Keke reeked of insecurity and distrust. The other said that in some situations men are sometimes just like women in that they are hesitant to speak up when dealing with the opposite sex and that people wouldn’t see it as insecure if it were a man checking another man about his woman. She said that Cory might have mentioned his uncomfortability to his wife and Tia’s disdain was on behalf of the both of them. As a married woman myself, I can understand both opinions. Would you so you think? Chime in to the chat!