[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] Ashleigh Demi Talks Broadcast Journalism, Acting, Inspiring Girls & More

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Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what you’re meant to do in life. Some people spend their entire adult life searching for their “purpose”. But some people just know. Media producer/broadcaster/actress/model Ashleigh Demi has always known who she was and what she was meant to do. I recently caught up with the WPGC 95.5 on-air entertainment reporter and media mogul in the making. She shared some important tidbits that all of us girls should add to our arsenal when navigating through the entertainment industry. Check out our interview below.

[CHATWORTHY EVENT] High Heels High Goals™ Scores 1st Successful Event of 2015 with “High Heels High Goals™ Takes Nordstrom”

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HHHG Event 1-10-15
(left to right: Marvette Deadwyler, Jennifer “Lucy” Tyler, Kim Scott (High Heel High Goals™ Ambassadors) and Ronnessa Brown, Founder of High Heel High Goals™)

Who says women can’t get along and actually uplift each other? Definitely not the founder and ambassadors of High Heel High Goals™. High Heel High Goals™ was founded by Ronnessa Brown, a Washington, DC entrepreneur and businesswomen who took a dollar and a dream and turned it into a mini enterprise. The mission of High Heel High Goals™ is to empower women just like her to reach their goals and to educate them on various entrepreneurial practices. One of the key elements of the exclusive women’s group is entrepreneurial based events where women can learn important tools and gain knowledge on how to establish and maintain successful businesses. Their first event of the new year, “Success in the City with Nordstrom”, took place last weekend. The ladies of High Heel High Goals™ were gracious enough to let me come through and see what they were all about.

[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] Meet Author Turned Publisher April Sheris

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Just because other people don’t see you talent or appeal doesn’t make it any less valuable. Sometimes it means you were meant to take your journey on a road less traveled. Getting someone to publish her first novel was difficult but April Sheris took that as a challenge to start her own publishing company. Since then her entrepreneurial spirit has taken her to even greater heights. I caught up with the author turned publisher and she shared how she jump started her career as an author, how she gives back and a few tidbits on getting your work published. Read more below.

[CHATWORTHY SPOTLIGHT] ME Changemakers Adding to the Landscape of Entrepreneurship

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(left to right: Dominique Broadway, Jessica Echols; Founders of ME Changemakers)

Entrepreneurs Dominique Broadway and Jessica Echols remember how much energy it took to start their own businesses from scratch, each doing the footwork by their lonesome. They want to give the next wave of entrepreneurs a head start and they are doing just that with the launch of Millennial Entrepreneurs Changemakers. Jessica, a premier event planner in the Washington DC area and Dominique, an award winning financial manager, have teamed up to breathe fresh air into the networking and entrepreneurial landscape of Washington, DC and beyond.