[FEATURED] Beyoncé Continues to Embolden Feminist Women…We CAN Have It All

Can women have it all? After seeing Beyoncé roller skating around and attending concerts rocking a sexy just about snapped back body after delivering twins last June, I think so. But that isn’t the only reason. Remember, the pregnancy came less than a year after Queen Bey released her most controversial album to date. Lemonade was the best selling album of 2016 and the album supporting tour, “Formation World Tour”, managed to be one of the best selling tours of 2016 only second to Bruce Springsteen’s “The River” 35th anniversary tour. Music journalist Annie Zaleski wrote that Lemonade was “yet another seismic step forward for Beyoncé as a musician.

Fem·i·nist/ noun: A person who supports equality between the sexes.

In a world often said to belong to men, women are taking control of their identities and demanding gender equality. Beyoncé is one of them. The singer/entertainer may not be your personal cup of tea, but if you are a woman who identifies with the desire to be seen as an equal to your male counterpart, you probably appreciate her approach to womanhood. She is a wife, mother, entertainer and all around businesswoman doing what she wants regardless of what is deemed stereotypically appropriate. And she’s doing it all while breaking glass ceilings along the way…she dreams it, she works hard and grinds til she owns it.

Particularly since the release of her self titled album Beyoncé, it has been said that the entertainer’s music and performances are not in-line with her roles of wife and mother. Is the same said about her husband Jay Z? Has he had to change what he does as an entertainer or businessman since he’s become a husband and father? Nope. But the crowd noise seems to have rolled off the shoulders of the self proclaimed feminist. Beyoncé simply continues to push the envelope by doing what SHE desires. In reality isn’t that what we all want? To make our own decisions and live our lives the way we desire as opposed to some pre-determined one-dimensional standard set by someone else. Am I not allowed to be a mother and still be sexy? Beyoncé says you are and so do I. I was proud as I watched Beyoncé receive the Michael Jackson Vanguard award at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards from her husband and daughter after one of her “sexy” performances. But when her then 2-year old daughter clapped and said “Yaye mommy” I smiled from ear to ear. Because she is leading by example and showing her daughter and girls everywhere that it’s okay to be themselves and do what makes them happy. Beyoncé’s brand of feminism isn’t perfect, but to the girls that look up to her, the idea that they can have it all is a real one.