The Beauties in Business Brunch

I often attend events as media. Some of them I cover simply to share with you guys who I think will enjoy the subject matter. I’ll admit that sometimes I figure out a few minutes in that it doesn’t fit the scope of my blog content. But every now and then I enjoy myself so much that I forget I’m media and not an attendee. The latter was what I experienced last Saturday at the Beauties in Business Brunch hosted by entrepreneurs, Ashlee Koonce and Timea Gaines.

The BNB Brunch, which included fun-sized entrees from Get Plated and sweet treats by Dos Catering, was geared towards the enrichment of female entrepreneurs and aspiring business women. Now, we’ve all been to a few elaborate entrepreneur conferences that ended up being get rich quick schemes or boasted experts with no real expertise, leaving you uninspired and feeling taken advantage of. Yes, Ardnek Eventions made the Hampton Inn & Suite conference room nice and pretty, but that’s where the comparison ended. This wasn’t one of THOSE conferences. The Beauties in Business Brunch was an attendee driven girl talk pow wow featuring experienced business women looking to be the inspiration that they needed when they first started out; all the while being transparent and sharing the ups and downs in their own businesses.

The brunch began with a VIP Power Hour that featured four speakers sharing on different topics that related to then modern womanpreneur. Author/blogger Marci Diane was  the first to share about her entrepreneurial journey. She was super transparent when she spoke on passion and discipline.

(Photo: Catherine Rae Photography)

“Sometimes it’s late nights. I’m not reading my book about dominating the market I’m in during the day while I’m dominating the market I’m in. That’s after hours. Just know, when I say discipline, its gonna require some of your own sweat. And if doesn’t I’m gonna question whether you really want it.”

And if you really want it you must work for it. Sometimes that takes some housecleaning; inside and out. Lifecoach Sharnikya Howard reminded us about how we can block our purpose with our own mess.

(Photo: Catherine Rae Photography)

“A lot of times we think ‘Well God doesn’t have something for me’. That’s not true. Sometimes we got all this other stuff in the way. Unforgiveness, resentment; God lives here (points to her heart), and here is your purpose. Can your purpose live with all this hate and all this other stuff you got going on? You have to peel back that stuff first.”

Knowing what you want, and making room for growth is just the beginning of the process of living your dream out loud. According to entrepreneur Kimisha James, having or sometimes creating, the means to get there, wherever there is, takes a whole other level of sacrifice and financial intimacy.

“We must put together a concise plan that says listen here ‘today is the last day that I’m living paycheck to paycheck, that my children are going to have to take out student loans for college.”

“We must pay attention to how we are spending our money. Do you really need that Starbucks every morning? You gotta really look at it and maybe sacrifice that 2 or 3 days out of the week.”

When you add up $7 a day, five days a week for four weeks month, thats $140. Cutting that in half gives you $70 a month towards you dream. It may seem small but it’s a start. Here’s a few things you can do with that first $70.

  • purchase the trade name for your business through your state (Maryland is $25)
  • purchase a domain name for your website ($5.99 – $12.99)
  • purchase hosting for your website ($4.99 – $19.99 per month)
  • purchase business cards (this price is more dependent on what you want but you get the point)

Now that you’re funding your dream, you may not have the means to fund much else lol. That includes wardrobe. But how do we score that client if you don’t look the part? Caitlin Alfred of True You Wardrobe Consulting & Personal Styling gave us some tips on looking like a boss even if our bank accounts don’t quite match up just yet. According to Caitlin, there are few must have pieces that you can mix and match no matter the occasion.

(Photo: Catherine Rae Photography)
  • Great pair of jeans (dark, light denim)
  • T-shirt (white, black and gray)
  • A little black dress (Or red or white if you’re up for the challenge)
  • Comfy flats
  • White button down shirt
  • Statement blazer
  • Lazy Day Sneakers
  • Classic Pumps

Here’s the gag. Caitlin’s mom took the Q&A during Caitlin’s presentation to dish on why her daughter’s ability to transform women’s perception of themselves and their closets should compel you to hire her as your personal stylist. No one was mad at the plug. It was a true testament to the importance of supporting the dreams of others.

I wasn’t the only one who came to work but gained from the event more than I expected. Meka, owner of one of the event’s Premier Vendors, Skin Beauty Bar DC, shared that she felt inspired after listening to the speakers and interacting with other attendees. Skin Beauty Bar DC was established in 2004 and is currently located on Capital Hill.

(Photos: Catherine Rae Photography)

Skin Beauty Bar DC and SHE LLC, another Premier Vendor got lots of love from the attendees who relished in supporting other women owned businesses.

This was the 2nd installment of the Beauties in Business Brunch. If you’re a woman in business or looking to start or expand your brand, the next installment of the BNB Brunch is a must attend event. I’ll see you there!

You can check out a few more flicks from the event below. (All image credit to: Catherine Rae Photography)