The Africa Channel Launches Ubuntu Awards Honoring Those Dedicated to Creating Positive Change

With all of the depressing headlines about mass shootings and the deaths of unarmed Blacks to the buffoonery that has become the US presidential race, we sometimes overlook how much good there still is in this world. We all know someone who is focused on changing the world for the better and not deterred by the negativity. They are the ones who take steps in their daily lives and communities AND on a larger scale for all humanity.  In Africa, there is a word that describes these selfless people – Ubuntu.

Ubuntu can be interpreted to mean “human kindness” or “I am because we are.”  Throughout African cultures, it’s an essential way of life rooted in oneness and compassion. While a little Ubuntu exists within us all, there are truly special individuals who have go above and beyond and have dedicated their lives to creating positive change.

One of the most common traits of a selfless humanitarian is humility. Most desire to stay behind the scenes which means they are rarely recognized or honored for their invaluable service to humankind. That’s why The Africa Channel has launched the Ubuntu Awards.  Inspired by the legacy of Nelson Mandela, whose lifelong fight for peace, freedom and humanity is the ultimate demonstration of Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Awards celebrate organizations and individuals who exemplify Ubuntu, or ‘Human Kindness.”

Narendra Reddy, the Executive Vice President of Content & Global Operations for The Africa Channel, explained the initiative.

“The word Ubuntu comes from South Africa and is often translated as ‘humanity towards others’. The Ubuntu Awards provides an apropos way for The Africa Channel to celebrate the legacy of a true humanitarian, Nelson Mandela. It seeks to recognize those whose contributions are making a profound social impact by espousing the spirit of Ubuntu.”

Is there a person or organization that you believe demonstrates the true meaning of Ubuntu? You can nominate them to be recognized in three categories: Business & Innovation, Arts & Entertainment and Culture & Lifestyle.  To submit your nomination, just visit and complete the entry form. You can submit your nominations now through July 15. The Africa Channel and a panel of experts/influencers in each field will select three nominees from each category. The public will then be allowed to vote to determine the winners. Finalists will be announced during The Africa Channel’s Ubuntu Week from July 18-24, with winners being announced on August 1.

Ubuntu Awards

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*This is a sponsored post; while the views expressed here were genuinely mine, consideration was paid to me by The Africa Channel’s Ubuntu Awards.