I‘m a wife, mother and opinionated serial womanpreneur. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and engaging in dialogue with others about everything from hair to global issues so I created my lifestyle blog “The Chatterbox”. I also enjoy helping others follow their dreams and pursue their passions so I launched Maven Consulting Firm to provide services to entrepreneurs and small businesses across the globe. I am also the curator of the EmpowerHER Tribe which is geared towards the empowerment and elevation of women. Welcome to my little space in the universe.

The Chatterbox

I created “The Chatterbox” lifestyle blog to be a platform to chat about the topics that matter to me, from current events to entertainment news to products that impact and enhance my daily life and yours. When you step into The Chatterbox, you’ll find books reviews, product giveaways and reviews, interviews with celebrities and everyday people just you as well as other valuable content. Key features of The Chatterbox are the “Entrepreneurlife” segment which features chatworthy small businesses and brands and the “GirlChat” segment where the focus is issues specifically pertaining to women. “HERVoice”, a feature of the GirlChat segment, allows women to share their stories in an effort to inspire others.  You’ll also get my personal opinions. Creating and adding to dialogue about important issues that affect us all has always been a part of my purpose.

I take pride in personally adding to that landscape through my relationships with several companies. Those relationships allow me to share even more quality content that my readers will enjoy. To that extent, I have worked with notable brands including but not limited to SonyFOX, A&E and LifeTime.

I’m always looking to find new ways to combine my passions for self expression, business and media.