4 Reasons Why We Heart Canva

In chatting with a few fellow entrepreneurs recently, one of them made a comment about the graphics they’ve seen on our social media accounts. The person thought we used a graphic designer for our social media content. I literally laughed out loud! I was flattered but I had to admit that graphic designers, as amazing as they are, can be expensive. When I told her we use Canva, I was shocked when she had no idea what Canva was.  So…introducing CANVA! lol

What is Canva? It’s an affordable online graphic design website used by thousands to create graphics for presentation in any and every way from business meetings to events to social media.

Here are the top 4 reasons why we heart Canva.

Customization. There are pre-made templates for newbies or if you’re a vet, you can simply start from a blank canvas and add the elements you desire. Believe me when I say you can lose yourself in the customization options. They even provide teaching materials and tutorials to assist you in creating your designs. You can build your design in various sizes and dimensions, add your company branding, photos and banners and choose from a host of fonts and colors. I have started with a template and finished with a flyer that looked COMPLETELY different after customization.

Cost. Canva offers thousands of free and paid templates, pictures and icons (paid elements are $1.00 each). After using the service for several months, I have NEVER paid a dime for the anything. Even if you use 10 paid elements you still end up with a personalized design for about 10 bucks. Out of all the costs associated with being an entrepreneur, graphic design can be one of the highest. Finding a way to curb the cost has been a life saver for me.

Convenience. Outside of the cost, one of the other inconveniences of using a graphic designer is turnaround time. With Canva, once you’ve finished your design, you simply choose the format you desire (pdf or jpg) and download the file to your computer right then and there; no waiting period.

It’s fun. I get to create what I want how I want without my vision for the design getting misunderstood or misinterpreted. It’s liberating and fun. As a writer, I have always enjoyed creating with my words. Now I actually enjoy the process of creating graphics as well.

Head over to Canva.com and give it a try! Don’t forget to come back and let me know how you like it.

Disclaimer: I am in no way against the use of graphic designers. In fact, I think that a skilled graphic designer can be a valuable asset for a business. However, I understand the need for entrepreneurs and small businesses to find more affordable options. My desire is to share what I’ve learned and help in any way I can. 🙂