4 Must-Have Apps for Your Business Instagram Account

If you have a business or company of any kind, it’s essential that you engage with your customers/audience etc. via social media whether you like it or not. Some businesses hire social media managers for ease but if you’re an entrepreneur just getting started or have a small business, you may not have the resources to hire someone to handle all your “handles” lol. If you’re one of those people, this post is for you. Below are some apps that will make your social media posting easier and help you brand along the way.

Textgram. You’ve seen other business promote themselves on Instagram with some nice graphics which include all of their branding…logo, website info, social media handles etc. and you want to know how to create some eye catching posts too but you don’t have the resources for a graphic designer. Try Textgram. It allows you take a photo and add text and stickers including logos and other graphics to add your branding to you photos. (If you want to take your designs a bit further, see my post about Canva)

Square InstaPic. Have you tried to post a photo and it won’t fit into the square allowed on Instagram? This app will help you create a photo to fit the Instagram dimensions perfectly. You can use a background with colors, stickers or even use the photo itself as a background. The best part is you edit the photo in the app and create a nice square pic without modifying the original photo.

InstaRepost. So you’re scrolling through your timeline and you see a post your follows would enjoy. You want to share it but have no idea how. InstaRepost shares the photo or video from their timeline right to yours. The app has a free and paid version. The paid version allows more flexibility for features like sharing the posters caption and handle with the photo/video.

PicPlayPost. Instagram was created to share photos but sharing dynamic video clips has become the new thing. Instagram allows individual 15 second clips to be posted, but with PicPlayPost you can create a collage of multiples video to play at the same time or mix and match video and photo to play in a collage. The app has a free and paid version. The paid version removes the app branding and provides a few additional features.

For the experienced Instagram user, you may have already known about these apps but if you’re an IG newbie, these 4 apps can help you get started in expanding your business on social media. Good luck!