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I am Keyauna Chantel...wife, mother and opinionated serial womanpreneur. I ♥ creating digital content, curating events and all things media.

I also enjoy helping others follow their dreams and pursue their passions so I launched Maven Consulting Firm to provide services to entrepreneurs and small businesses across the globe.


In the past I attempted to select a favorite or “best suited” entrepreneurial endeavor, but I’ve since resigned to doing ALL of the things I enjoy. Lucky you! Let’s work together.


  • When I first got my business started it was difficult to get blog write ups and press but Keyauna gave me that opportunity and it helped me get exposure outside of Chicago and helped my brand build momentum.

    Monique Rodriguez Founder, Mielle Organics
  • It was truly a joy to work with Keyauna. Her ideas, professionalism and welcoming personality made working with her a blast. She came through and resurrected my website and assisted in the rebranding of my business. I would definitely recommend her services to others in the business. If you are looking to take your business to be next level Maven Consulting is the place to go.

    Ashlee Koonce Owner, The Ashlee Agency


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  • Every now and then I give my 2 cents on topics that matter to me (along with an interview or two and reviews on some of your fave products). Chat with me in my personal blog.


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